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Litterateur is one of the leading  African companies that offers concepts to writers and then fund the work. We are working with the best conceptualizers in the globe and since we believe that writing is a gift we provide opportunity to writers who got experience and those who want to polish their skills. Litterateur was first established in 2022. The most unique thing that humans have is the ability to read and write, however having the ability to do something and not doing it to your best of ability is a waste of uniqueness this is why we want to produce best stories ever. We offer opportunities to young and old people who have commitment and dedication towards tasks.


We believe in people and we want to help people to distribute their stories across the world so that they can support their family and get a better life for themselves.Upon letting us help you for free you will become a warrior who is confident and ready to tackle any challenge across the world.

You will also be issued a certificate for letting us help you.


  • Applicants need to be older than 18.

  • Applicants must have a valid SA ID/ Passport

  • Must have a Curriculum Vitae

  • Have no criminal record or any charges pending against them

  • Must be in good health and can, to the best of her knowledge, participate fully in any programs or activities


Rewards will include a certificates, publishing with well known publishers, performed by well known actors and distribution across the world

Closing date : 21 April 2023

How to apply

Click here to apply

Founder of L'emas  Excellency

Mr Malema

Tel : 012 881 5182

Contact: 068 341 2812

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