L'emas Excellency Appeal Terms and  Conditions.

1. The online application must be submitted within seven (7) days after the vehicle has been taken from you.

2. The online application can only be considered by L’emas Excellency committee if the relevant

supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate, death certificate, police affidavit, exam time

table showing clashes) are uploaded with the application.

3. The final decision as to whether the vehicle will be given back rests with L’emas Excellency


4. In case the medical certificate is provided it should contain the following :

o the full name and surname

o the full duration of the illness

o NB!! Official stamp of your medical practitioner

5.In case a police affidavit is provided it should contain the following :

o Your full name and employee number

o A valid reason for your appeal

o The date and time your "reason" happened

6. In case a death certificate  is provided it should be accompanied by the following :

o An affidavit stating your relationship with the deceased.

o The memorial program to verify date of burial

7. Please attack copy of ID/ Passport

8. The applicant agrees that they have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions

9. The applicant agrees that the information can be released to the L’emas Excellency


10. The applicant agrees that the provided information is true and correct

How to apply

To apply click on the link below:


Founder of L'emas  Excellency

Mr Malema

Tel : 012 881 5182

Contact: 068 341 2812

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