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L’emas Excellency Photography Tour

About L’emas Excellency Photography Tour

L'emas Excellency celebrity Tour is about ambitious women and men who have skills of leading.  It Is solely created to HELP men and women who are photographers and looking to elevate their shooting career. We offer a tour to work with celebrities and boast your brand for FREE.  L'emas Excellency Photography Tour is create to remind the world that it does not matter the color of your skin  nor the background that you come from , we can help you  to grow your Photography career for FREE so that you can support your family because we care.


We believe in  people and we want to help people to elevate their Photography  career. We will help you to build a profile  so that you can support your family  and get a better life for yourself .Upon letting us help you for free you will become a warrior who is confident and ready to tackle any challenge across the world.

You will also be issued a certificate for letting us help to make your photographic journey to be better.


  • Applicants need to be older than  18

  • Must have  a portfolio

  • Must have a Curriculum Vitae

  • Have no criminal record or any charges pending against them

  • Must be in good health and can, to the best of her knowledge, participate fully in any programs or activities


Rewards will include a certificate as well as an opportunity to work with celebrities.You will receive the rewards for free because we believe in you.

How to apply

To apply click on the link below:


Founder of L'emas  Excellency

Mr Malema

Tel : 012 881 5182

Contact: 068 341 2812

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