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There is voice that says "keep going ",  even when I have enough.

It is not even about me anymore, I have enough ! Said Mr Malema .

Mr Malema continued to say that he is not a super hero but he will try by all means to assist those who need assistance. He says that he does not see the point of a person having all the money in the world if they are not going to use it to help others.  According to Daily Maverick (2022) the Unemployment rate has increased to 35.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021 (Stoddard , 2022). Therefore Mr Malema refuses to sit back and watch his fellow brothers and sisters go to bed on an empty stomach that is why he is landing a hand.

Mr Malema believes that  L'emas Excellency should be a movement that will never stop empowering small businesses, because they are the future . This is supported by World Economic Forum which says that “Young people hold the key to a better future “.

“As black people we live amongst legends,we have so many youth with so much talent” said Mr Malema.

According to Mr Malema the mission of L'emas Excellency is to find talent and grow it for free. Mr Malema survived many obstacles as a result he knows how hard it can be for small businesses trying to keep up with big corporations. “I was once a small business now I want to land a hand"said Mr Malema.

An unknown source has confirmed that Mr Malema has worked with so many great artist including  Mandla Gaduka who is a former generation actor, Pholoso Mohlala from Isidingo, Zolisa Xaluva known for his popular role at the Queen as diamond or Melusi Dlamini at Gomora

Mr. TL Malema and Prof.Dr. Rita Borromeo Ferri from University of Kassel, Germany

Mr Thabo London Malema facilitating students

Who is Thabo  London Malema ?

London Malema is one of the smartest, focused and young wealthy man in South Africa. London Malema was born and raised in Pretoria in a township, then later relocated to Johannesburg .  London Malema started his journey by doing acting at an institution called Youth in trust . He was later seen on the screen of popular soapie called “The Queen “ as an extra actor.  London Malema later went to study computer science at University of Pretoria , upon realizing that God has bigger plans for him it is believed that he changed institutions, some sources claim that he was spoted at University of Witwatersrand however no confitmation was made. London started to venture into business in Pretoria and expanded to other areas like Durban and Johannesburg. The one thing that separates London Malema from other people is that he is able  to collaborate with other people. London Malema is popular for his slogan "We live amongst Legends" which means that he believes that each and every individual is a legend.


ETHNICITY: Black/African roots



Programming :

  • Strong programming skills.

  • Experience creating a professional website.

  • Graphic Designer

Programming Language

  • C++


Acting :

  • Featured at popular soapie “The Queen”(2019).

  • Acting at the South African State Theatre on a production titled Blood Kingdom(2018).

  • Acting at Breytenburg Theatre on a production titled Fashion my success(2019).

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• Writing books and Screenplays.  

• Lifelong gamer and tech enthusiast.

• Soccer.

• Travelling.

• Mathematics and Science Tutor.

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